YouTube Upload Schedule, 24th to 30th August

This week preliminary upload schedule. Sunesha’s Subscriber Sunday is pushed to next week. Just so get all the extra time for Dishonored Definitive Edition

Monday:  Sleeping Dogs, Marvelous Miss Take, Deus EX: Human Revolution
Tuesday:    Sleeping Dogs, Alien Isolation , Prince of Persia Classic
Wednesday:  Marvelous Miss Take, Deus EX: Human Revolution
Thursday: Alien Isolation, Prince of Persia Classic
Friday:   Marvelous Miss Take, Dishonored Definitive Edition
Saturday:  Dishonored Definitive Edition
Sunday:  Dishonored Definitive Edition

As you may have noticed, I have finished Sleeping Dogs and Deus EX: Human Revolution. I will share some of my thoughts about those games later this week.

Greeting phrases

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sunesha and we are reading my blog. Ok that does works a bit weird in text format. I wanted start up this blog in same manner I start all my videos. After just writing it, I have already come to the conclusion that it does not work very well in text.

This is thing I currently using some of my awesome cpu(clueless processing unit) power to ponder about. I had this greeting phrase for 400 videos. How did that really happen, I must a be a tiny bit insane to done so many YouTube videos when most them just generate 3 views from my friends. This is subject that maybe need some in depth analysis. But for now I will keep blogging about greeting phrases. Continue reading