Shadwen, A non-lethal walkthrough on hard difficulty


This is is a non-lethal walktrough on hard difficulty. I will show how to go through the game keeping Lily safe while not traumatizing her with violence.

This is a game that combines puzzles, platforming and stealth in one game. Killing people will have an effect on Lily so I will play without killing anyone and we see how the game ends. Going non-lethal makes the game harder as you need to manipulate the guards to give a clear path for Lily to go through the sometimes complicated levels.


Playlist for Shadwen, Non-lethal on hard

Hitman Blood Money a remote controlled playthrough

I have started a project with Beranie from the Pred and Beranie LP YouTube Channel. It is a fun concept. I live in Cyprus and Beranie lives in Germany. We are playing Hitman Blood Money together. So how do we do that ?

We use Skype and Beranie shows his desktop so I see everything he does on his computer. This works very good, sure my FPS is sometimes very low. A Stealth game like Hitman is not that demanding in terms of being fast. Is more about controlling movement and anticipate the enemy.

What works so well is that really feels like we play together. We share the whole game experience expect we don’t share a room.  Continue reading

Dishonored Definitive Edition: Series has started

I was so excited this night that I could not sleep, just because I wanted to play Dishonored. So this resulted that start recording in the middle of the night. I did two videos, one early morning. So I did not sleep at all this night 😉

Though my gameplay suffered even I was so high on life like a kid that could skip vegetables and having his birthday tomorrow. I blew my challenge by not getting spotted. Though I think it is actually more entertaining to see me battle with myself. Continue reading

Hitman: Contracts, A Silent Assassin walkthrough on professional difficulty

I have made a video walkthrough achieving Silent Assassin rating on professional difficulty in a semi-easy way on all levels. So it should be fairly easy to you go through the game.

Silent Assassin Rating

Shall be noted that requirements differ based on difficulty. In order to obtain Silent Assassin on professional difficulty, you must:

  • No non-accidental deaths other than targets.
  • No non-target NPCs were wounded while alive.
  • No bodies found.
  • No covers blown.
  • No witnesses left alive.
  • You are not caught on camera.
  • No weapons were found on you during any searches.
  • You exit the mission with all custom weapons you started the mission with (by either carrying them with you or storing
  • them in an ICA crate).

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Hitman: Contracts, how to get the Ortmeyer key-card

As this is my most searched for Hitman video on YouTube, I will share here on the blog also.

Easy way to achieve Silent Assassin and get to the Ortmeyer key-card. The key card is on the ninth mission “The Wang Fou Incident” and can be found on Lee Hong’s desk. Once you grab the key card, you need to return to the mission “Asylum Aftermath” for getting the Minigun and the dual-wielded golden desert eagles.

Video by me for getting the Minigun and golden Desert Eagles with silent assassin rating. It is a super easy method.

Dishonored Definitive Edition warm-up

Update: The Dishonored series has started, click this link to watch the first mission

Next week on the night of 27th august, I will do a first ever launch let’s play of the excellent game Dishonored Definitive Edition. You can watch my introduction video for more visual information. I will play the Xbox One version of the game. But there is no “real” difference between versions gameplay wise.
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