Clandestine Co Op/Collaboration playthrough with Beranie

Me and Beranie is playing Clandestine in Co Op on hard difficulty. There are two different roles in coop, the field agent Katja and the hacker Martin. Every episode Beranie and me switch between the two different roles.

Clandestine features a asymmetrical CoOp, which makes this game quite unique. To be able to be succesful, me and Beranie need to work together. The two roles have completely different gameplay mechanics.

Katya – The Field Agent

Katya is played as a typical stealth game perspective. She is out in the field doing physical things. Like subduing hostile npcs, set up equipment for the hacker, gathering physical intelligence.

Martin – The Hacker

Martin is played as a hacker game. Martin can control things in Katya’s environment like cameras, hacking codes for doors and also manipulate other things. He has access to a map and the ability to mark hostile npcs.

Playlist from Sunesha’s perceptive 
Playlist from Beranie’s perceptive

A early location for Railway Rifle in Fallout 4

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Railway Rifle location

Railway Rifle location

My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has found a place for getting a Railway Rifle early in the game. It is located over at Bedford Station.

How to do commentary for video game videos / Let’s plays, recording, gear and post production for beginners

Today we have guest post from Beranie from Pred and Beranie, enjoy!

Hello dear readers of Sunesha’s cool blog of coolness,

My name is Beranie and I thought I’d share a video guide that I’ve made recently here with you.It’s a basic step by step instruction on how to record good clean usable audio when doing Let’s Play or any kind of commentary audio, spending as little money as possible.

I go over the gear first, obviously you need a microphone, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll need a boom stand also, aaaand a pop filter. The latter two can be built yourselvesif you have a knack for DIY’ing and the right materials. RL crafting so to speak.

Then you’ll need the right software and the know how to use it to record your signal. And when you’re done recording it’s time for the most fun part! POST PROCESSING! I’ll show you how to use a simple one band EQ (high pass filter or HPF) to cut out undesirable low frequencies and slap a decently set up compressor on that sweet signal of yours.

Have fun.
PS. I’m bad at math, BTW 😛 DS

How get a good start as Melee only build in Fallout 4

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Today we have guest post from Pred from Pred and Beranie, enjoy!

Hello everybody!

Are you having fun playing Fallout 4? I know I am, especially with my melee character. When you go “melee-only” right from the get-go it can be a little frustrating seeing the huge variety of guns and their modifications while being stuck with a simple tire iron or baseball bat for the first couple of hours of gameplay.

If you follow the directions in this video you will have something fun to play with right from the start: Grognak’s Axe which causes bleed, stagger and gives extra melee damage and in the same place you will find Grognak’s costume, which isn’t the prettiest but gives you +2 Strength and extra melee damage! With those to items you will turn the wasteland in to a slaughterhouse 😛

Things to know about using Power Armor on your followers in Fallout 4

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My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has made a short video going over things that is useful to know about followers when they are using the power armor. A cool thing is that when your followers use the power armor they are not spending any energy on the fusion cores, to find out more check the video.

Fallout 4, Build an Adhesive Farm to get Unlimited Supply of Adhesives for Crafting

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Tired of treating duct tape as it was epic loot, just about every weapon mod and other stuff need adhesive in Fallout 4. My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has the solution, so never fear.

Pred show how us how you can build farm that will make it available in endless supply.


A early location for Syringer & Combat Rifle in Fallout 4

Early Game Syringer Rifle Location Other Fallout 4 guides

My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has found a place for getting a Syringer Rifle and Combat rifle early in the game. It is located over at Great Mass Blood Clinic.

You can craft the syringes at the chemistry station pretty early but the rifle can be hard to find especially early on.