Deus Ex: Human Revolution playthrough evaluation

Adam Jensen chilling

Adam Jensen chilling

Introduction video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The last videos of Deus Ex: Human revolution went up today. So it is time for another evaluation of the playthrough. This one of my favorite games, it mixes elements of two favorite genres role-playing and stealth. The game has very fun level progression that often has new abilities as upgrades than just passive bonuses. The upgrades in the game called augmentations. The more you level up Adman Jensen, the more things will he be able to do.

This one of the few  games, where it is actually is fun to back track because you gain new abilities. For example you can upgrade your jumping height, which you then will be able to reach a roof that you could not reach earlier. Many of the augmentations are things that help Adam Jensen in survival or make him move around more freely in the game. Continue reading

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition playthrough evaluation

Mrs Chu

Mrs. Chu, Sunesha’s favorite character

Introduction video for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Today it is the last episode we plays as Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. So I have decided to do a small playthrough evaluation. This playthrough I had especially fun time as I did this together with my nephew, Marco. Which made this game so much more enjoyable as he is one of the most dedicated fans of series. This is my nephew favorite game of all time for the moment.

My nephew is a avid martial arts fan, so in his case I think it’s the fighting that draws him in. He is 15 years old but have trained different martial arts since he was 5 years old. I would say if you rank hobbies, martial arts comes before gaming(what a nerd).

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