Hitman Blood Money a remote controlled playthrough

I have started a project with Beranie from the Pred and Beranie LP YouTube Channel. It is a fun concept. I live in Cyprus and Beranie lives in Germany. We are playing Hitman Blood Money together. So how do we do that ?

We use Skype and Beranie shows his desktop so I see everything he does on his computer. This works very good, sure my FPS is sometimes very low. A Stealth game like Hitman is not that demanding in terms of being fast. Is more about controlling movement and anticipate the enemy.

What works so well is that really feels like we play together. We share the whole game experience expect we don’t share a room.  Continue reading

Hitman: Blood Money, A Silent Assassin sain walkthrough on professional difficulty

I have made a video walkthrough achieving Silent Assassin rating on professional difficulty in a semi-easy way on all levels. So it should be fairly easy to you go through the game.

Silent Assassin Rating

Shall be noted that requirements differ based on difficulty. In order to obtain Silent Assassin on professional difficulty, you must:

  • Have no covers blown. Note that you cannot get your cover blown if you’re wearing the suit.
  • Have no witnesses left alive.
  • Never get caught on camera, except if you take the video tape before leaving the mission.
  • Leave no evidence (suit and custom weapons) (Expert and Professional only).
  • Kill only your targets (except with accidents).
  • No bodies, unconscious or dead, may be found (except for the dead bodies of accident kills) (Expert and Professional only).
  • No one must be injured apart from targets and accident kills.

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