Dishonored Definitive Edition: Series has started

I was so excited this night that I could not sleep, just because I wanted to play Dishonored. So this resulted that start recording in the middle of the night. I did two videos, one early morning. So I did not sleep at all this night 😉

Though my gameplay suffered even I was so high on life like a kid that could skip vegetables and having his birthday tomorrow. I blew my challenge by not getting spotted. Though I think it is actually more entertaining to see me battle with myself. Continue reading

Dishonored Definitive Edition warm-up

Update: The Dishonored series has started, click this link to watch the first mission

Next week on the night of 27th august, I will do a first ever launch let’s play of the excellent game Dishonored Definitive Edition. You can watch my introduction video for more visual information. I will play the Xbox One version of the game. But there is no “real” difference between versions gameplay wise.
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