Lords of the Fallen, a new Let’s Play blind series.

I started a new series where I play blind with no earlier experience of the game Lords of the Fallen. I already uploaded a couple of episodes. So far this game seems promising.

I am playing as a Rogue, which I have read it is hardest class to play. Which usually is not the cases in most games. There are many similarities of the souls games. Even the controls are more or less the same, so the learning curve is not to tough. Though there are many things that are different. I don’t agree with consensus that it is a pure Dark Souls clone. They are similar but very different. Lords of Fallen is much more simplistic when it comes to gameplay mechanics and more forgiving. Fights are much slower.

Playlist for Lords of the Fallen, a blind playthrough


Dark Souls Sunday, a new Let’s Play series

I decided for new let’s play series, every sunday I will play Dark Souls(1). So therefor the series name is Dark Souls Sunday. This will be laidback series, will try to keep it condensed and have a lot progress every episode. So I will do a lot of editing and speed up so you don’t have to watch me do same thing over and over again.

I think I will progress very fast as I have a lot experience this game, I spent over 500 hours. If you have any requests of what you want to see feel free to ask.

Playlist for Dark Souls Sunday