Clandestine Co Op/Collaboration playthrough with Beranie

Me and Beranie is playing Clandestine in Co Op on hard difficulty. There are two different roles in coop, the field agent Katja and the hacker Martin. Every episode Beranie and me switch between the two different roles.

Clandestine features a asymmetrical CoOp, which makes this game quite unique. To be able to be succesful, me and Beranie need to work together. The two roles have completely different gameplay mechanics.

Katya – The Field Agent

Katya is played as a typical stealth game perspective. She is out in the field doing physical things. Like subduing hostile npcs, set up equipment for the hacker, gathering physical intelligence.

Martin – The Hacker

Martin is played as a hacker game. Martin can control things in Katya’s environment like cameras, hacking codes for doors and also manipulate other things. He has access to a map and the ability to mark hostile npcs.

Playlist from Sunesha’s perceptive 
Playlist from Beranie’s perceptive

Mega Man 2: Save Switch Project, Collaborative Chainmail

We are playing Mega Man 2 using an emulator and saving the game-state after each part. We then send the save to the next person and they take over from there. We plan to do that for each boss until we’ve completed the game. I choose to eliminate Flash Man.

Other participants than Sunesha:

Hitman Blood Money a remote controlled playthrough

I have started a project with Beranie from the Pred and Beranie LP YouTube Channel. It is a fun concept. I live in Cyprus and Beranie lives in Germany. We are playing Hitman Blood Money together. So how do we do that ?

We use Skype and Beranie shows his desktop so I see everything he does on his computer. This works very good, sure my FPS is sometimes very low. A Stealth game like Hitman is not that demanding in terms of being fast. Is more about controlling movement and anticipate the enemy.

What works so well is that really feels like we play together. We share the whole game experience expect we don’t share a room.  Continue reading