Shadowplay videos have bad colors(washed out, weird) in VLC media player

VLC Media player's Shadowplay settings

VLC Media player settings for displaying NVIDIA Shadowplay videos correctly

If you are experiencing washed out colors or just very bright and weird colors in VLC media player while playing Shadowplay videos in VLC media player. I have experienced this phenomena in other files too. However there is a easy fix to get the colors displayed correctly.

Follow this steps to fix it
  1. Open VLC Media player
  2. Goto menu option, “Tools”
  3. Then select, “Preferences”
  4. Go To the “Video” tab
  5. Uncheck, “Use hardware YUV>RGB conversions”

This is happening because MP4 uses a different Chroma subsampling(YUV is 4:4:4 while most compressed formats are 4:2:0) and VLC hardware conversions are done weirdly.

Wikipedia article for Chroma subsampling for the nerds want learn more


How to do commentary for video game videos / Let’s plays, recording, gear and post production for beginners

Today we have guest post from Beranie from Pred and Beranie, enjoy!

Hello dear readers of Sunesha’s cool blog of coolness,

My name is Beranie and I thought I’d share a video guide that I’ve made recently here with you.It’s a basic step by step instruction on how to record good clean usable audio when doing Let’s Play or any kind of commentary audio, spending as little money as possible.

I go over the gear first, obviously you need a microphone, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll need a boom stand also, aaaand a pop filter. The latter two can be built yourselvesif you have a knack for DIY’ing and the right materials. RL crafting so to speak.

Then you’ll need the right software and the know how to use it to record your signal. And when you’re done recording it’s time for the most fun part! POST PROCESSING! I’ll show you how to use a simple one band EQ (high pass filter or HPF) to cut out undesirable low frequencies and slap a decently set up compressor on that sweet signal of yours.

Have fun.
PS. I’m bad at math, BTW 😛 DS

Windows 10 upscales secondary screens automatically

Setting that upscales items on secondary screens to match the smaller main screen.

Setting that upscales items on secondary screens to match the smaller main screen.

When I was recording my pc gaming today, I discovered after editing my material that my recording look very unsharp and blurry. After looking around in my display settings and my graphic card setting I never found the cause to the problem.

Then after checking out the display settings in windows 10. I find that they have this new kind of match scaling setting. It upscales apps, games and other software to match if your main screen has lower resolution.

It upscaled my game with setting of 150% and it looked awful. I think the upscaling function must be supported in the software/app otherwise it will just do simple resize instead of upscaling the assets. So if you have blurry windows recordings this may be the cause. As I have just start using Windows 10, I have not built up my personal knowledge about all new quirks. I will however share this kinda things on my blog as long it concerns game recordings.