Kerbal Space Program, Career Mode Let’s play

A playthrough in the Let’s play format. We will play Career Mode on normal difficulty (I am no rocket scientist). The goal is to visit all the different planets. With a fun with flags approach, as we try to plant flag on every planet we can find. Some kerbals must be sacrificed, I’m afraid.

 Playlist for Kerbal Space Program


Kerbal Space Program, Mod List for my Let’s Play

This is complete list of mods I use in Kerbal Space Program during my let’s play.

Asteroid Day

A mod about asteroids and telescopes by squad themselves.


This mod adds some background radio chatter, adds some atmosphere.

Collision FX 

Adds some sparks and other effects while your rocket glides around

Crew Light

Automatically turns some off the rocket lights so you don’t have do it manually. For atmosphere once more.

Destruction FX

More pain and some more special fx

Distant Object Enhancement

Makes the celestial bodies more visible while you are flying around.

Editor Extensions Redux

Adds more tools to build your rocket, like diffrent snap tools

Engine Lighting

Make the engines glow and show light

Kerbin Cup

Adds soccerballs and other stupid but fun stuff to put your rocket

Kerbal Engineer Redux

All the info and numbers that you should know but the main game doesn’t show

Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

Awesome new looks for our kerbals

Kerbal Inventory System (KIS)

Adds inventory to the Kerbals, where they can carry around useful stuff. A example a electric tool you can actually build stuff outside the editor with your Kerbal.

Kerbal Krash System

Kerbal Krash System rewrites collisions in Kerbal Space Program. KKS deforms your creations and reduces the efficiency of your crafts instead of just exploding on impact.

Kerbal Launch Failure Revived 

Kerbal Krash System rewrites collisions in Kerbal Space Program. KKS deforms your creations and reduces the efficiency of your crafts instead of just exploding on impact.

NavHud Replacement

As name indicates, you can replace the graphics. In my case I just found stock game’s navball really hard to read.

Mission Patch Manager

As name indicates, you can replace the graphics. In my case I just found stock game’s navball really hard to read.


Planet emits light and shines on your craft. Also gives control over ambient light.


Cooler and more realistic plumes from your engines. Smoke and other cool stuff.

Reentry Particle Effect

A deactivated stock reentry effect and it is more dramatic.

Rover Wheel Sounds

Rover wheels makes sound with this mod

Ship Manifest

I use this to be able to change the name of the Kerbals more easy. But it does a lot more than that. But I really doesn’t know

Stock Visual Enhancements

Makes planets more and adds very cool clouds and much more. This costs quite much performance, which can be tweaked to your liking.

Stock Visual Terrain

Terrain is made more detailed more pretty

Precise Maneuver editor

This makes maneuvers a lot easier and more precise.


Adds more functionally to satelittes and you make quite detail filled maps. Mostly to motivate to build satelitties.

Surface Mounted Stock-Alike Lights

Just some stock-like simple lights to give your rocket a cooler look while you are on the dark side of the moon

Water Sounds

Now actually there is sounds when you are surfing with commander pod in the ocean.

[x] Science! 

Make science a less of grind clicking everything at least 1000 times less

XCOM 2, A let’s play with viewer soldiers on Commander Ironman difficulty

A playthrough in the Let’s play format with my viewers as my soldiers. At the current time this is written we have 4 viewer soldiers. This is an interesting series as it becomes a very personal experience with my viewers integrated in the series. I am playing the game blind and depends on the help of my viewers all so it will become an even more shared experience.

If you are coming from wild web, feel free to sign up and join.

Playlist for XCOM 2

Mirror’s Edge, let’s collect runner bags a non-lethal playthrough

A playthrough in the Let’s play format with a non-lethal approach. While we enjoy this most beautiful game, we pick up all the optional collectibles that are in the form of Runner Bags. This will be a warm up for the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. We take a laid back approach as we have to collect the runner bags. Though a speedy journey is almost a guarantee.

Mirror’s edge is a First-person platformer where you can use Parkour to outrun your enemies instead of the traditional “bullet to the face” method. A short game with great replayability.

Playlist for Mirror’s Edge

Clandestine Co Op/Collaboration playthrough with Beranie

Me and Beranie is playing Clandestine in Co Op on hard difficulty. There are two different roles in coop, the field agent Katja and the hacker Martin. Every episode Beranie and me switch between the two different roles.

Clandestine features a asymmetrical CoOp, which makes this game quite unique. To be able to be succesful, me and Beranie need to work together. The two roles have completely different gameplay mechanics.

Katya – The Field Agent

Katya is played as a typical stealth game perspective. She is out in the field doing physical things. Like subduing hostile npcs, set up equipment for the hacker, gathering physical intelligence.

Martin – The Hacker

Martin is played as a hacker game. Martin can control things in Katya’s environment like cameras, hacking codes for doors and also manipulate other things. He has access to a map and the ability to mark hostile npcs.

Playlist from Sunesha’s perceptive 
Playlist from Beranie’s perceptive

Portal 1: A walkthrough/Let’s play in short episodes

A playthrough in the Let’s play format. This a series made with intention of having short episodes. To both be able to serve as a walkthrough or a entertaining let’s play. The series will not feature introductions, this series is focused on raw gameplay with no bells and whistles.

Portal is a mix between a platformer and a puzzle game. There is also a lot of humor in the game. The game takes place in different test chambers where AI is testing you for unknown reasons.

Playlist for Portal 1

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, sneaky skull bashing

I am feeling a bit down, so I need something to distract myself from myself. Well, there is only one valid solution for this dilemma, video game violence.

We will take the role of Sam Fisher, a old navy seal turned into to a highly skilled covert operative. This time around it is personal for Sam, his only child has been killed. So Sam will try to find out what happened to his daughter. He is no longer working for his agency, The Third Echelon. So all those pesky rules he usually follows are not in play and Sam is a angry man. But of course he gets in contact with Grim.

This is how it all begins and this is a stealth action game. Of course the only real viable option in this kind of game is to play on the hardest difficulty, Realistic. Unnecessary exposure to the enemy will be very deadly. The strategy in this game is to plan out your assaults from the shadow effectively. Enemies are in higher numbers on Realistic and plain brute force approach is meant to be a almost guaranteed death.

So our tools are, well planned executions, conquer and divide, distractions and take best advantage of levels. This will be in a Let’s play format, but will be able to be used as a walkthrough. I have played this game many times and this is first time I play it on PC.

Playlist for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction