Decrease input lag with the help of NVIDIA’s control panel

As an old console man I discovered that running some games I really felt no real difference in the input lag compared to my Xbox system, even I set up the games to run in 60 frames per second. I knew there will be a solution for that PC, which have strength to improve or destroy your own system’s performance.  I always been interested how all things works. So I have found a option that made a huge difference in some games.

Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames

Lower-Input-lagIn simple terms, this is a option that controls the maximum number of frames the CPU prepares in advance to be rendered by the GPU. The benefit of having frames prepared in advance for the GPU is that it helps keep the GPU filled up with data, therefor smoothing out any small variations in rendering times. The disadvantage prepare frames in advance is that it can  result in increase latency (a delay in your input), more commonly called input lag.

The available options for this setting are 1, 2, 3 and 4 frames. When set to Use the 3D Application Setting, games will either use a setting setup by the games developers or  it will be Windows default setting of 3 frames.

You can override this setting and set up how many frames can be pre-rendered here by choosing between 1 to 4 frames. In theory, higher settings ensure smoother framerates but can result more input lag, while lower settings can help reduce input lag, but may result in stuttering or lower performance. However, the effect of altering this setting can be hard to predict. So some experimentation is required to determine the optimal setting for each game on your system.

An example

In my case I had worse input lag at 60fps in Splinter Cell than I ever had on my primitive Xbox 360. This setting is however not a magic bullet and if there will be a improvements is dependant on whatever the default settings of your game and your system. With my current system  I have no problems running the maximum pre-rendered frames on “1 frame” in all the games I tested it with. So in the case of Splinter Cell Conviction, I suspected it was setup with windows default(3 frames) in the game so in this particular case the improvement was very noticeable.

Also I found improvement in the game “Rocket League”. But you need to test yourself. Also you should never underestimate of the effect of placebo 😉

Unlimited crafting materials in Fallout 4 without console cheats, dupe shipments for your settlement after patch

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Still works in version

Get unlimited crafting materials by using shipments, in just minutes you have tons of material. You can do it as many times you want.

So there is an exploit that makes you able to get unlimited crafting supplies with a dupe glitch. This is super useful for Playstation 4 and Xbox One players as they don’t have access to the console.

This exploit uses shipments that you can buy from vendors.

Step by Step

  1. Goto a vendor
  2. Buy a shipment of crafting materials(Named for example, “Shipment of wood”)  your choice
  3. Goto a settlement and to the workshop
  4. Empty all stuff from the workshop, put it another container temporarily
  5. Empty your inventory in junk section so just have the shipment left
  6. Then goto the workshop
  7. In the workshop you press “Store all junk” button and as fast as you can press “Take all” button
  8. If successful you will now have both the shipment and 100 of your crafting material
  9. Quicksave
  10. Go back to step 7 and repeat as many time as you want

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Where to find Ron Staples(Level 4 Food/Restaurant vendor NPC) for your settlement in Fallout 4

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This is a small guide for finding Ron Staples, he is a special vendor NPC. Ron Staples can be found at evening/night behind Museum of Freedom at the cooking fire. If he is not there, you can travel back and forth until he spawns. If you can not find him, check the video in this article.

Currently there is a bug that makes him never arrive at your chosen settlement. This happened to my second character. Nothing worked, waiting or fast travel didn’t make him appear. Though my other character did not suffer from this bug.

A requirement to be able to build a level 3 restaurant you need both Local Leader 2 and cap collector 2 perks. If you then assign Ron Staples to your food & drink store(restaurant), it will become level 4 and give you access to special items.

Floor mat glitch, floor decoration glitch how to bypass clipping while building settlements in Fallout 4

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There is a way to bypass some of the clipping while building in a settlement, this is very helpful especially if you are on consoles(Xbox & Playstation). As we don’t have access to the Fallout 4 console like people that play on PC.

This trick will allow all clipping to be based on the floor covering decoration of your choice. It will however doesn’t make you able to put through things your built yourself.

You can clip through most objects, but this is yet another useful settlement bug.

Step by Step

  1. Go under Decorations > Floor Coverings and select mat or rug
  2. Place it on the ground
  3. Place your structure,wall or whatever on the floor covering object(Mat, rug), it doesn’t have to place on top of it. It can be placed just close to it.
  4. Then press the select key and hold it to pick up all objects
  5. You should now be able to place it through objects. This however does not work if it collide with another settlement item, but you will be able to do a lot more stuff.

How to do commentary for video game videos / Let’s plays, recording, gear and post production for beginners

Today we have guest post from Beranie from Pred and Beranie, enjoy!

Hello dear readers of Sunesha’s cool blog of coolness,

My name is Beranie and I thought I’d share a video guide that I’ve made recently here with you.It’s a basic step by step instruction on how to record good clean usable audio when doing Let’s Play or any kind of commentary audio, spending as little money as possible.

I go over the gear first, obviously you need a microphone, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll need a boom stand also, aaaand a pop filter. The latter two can be built yourselvesif you have a knack for DIY’ing and the right materials. RL crafting so to speak.

Then you’ll need the right software and the know how to use it to record your signal. And when you’re done recording it’s time for the most fun part! POST PROCESSING! I’ll show you how to use a simple one band EQ (high pass filter or HPF) to cut out undesirable low frequencies and slap a decently set up compressor on that sweet signal of yours.

Have fun.
PS. I’m bad at math, BTW 😛 DS

How get a good start as Melee only build in Fallout 4

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Today we have guest post from Pred from Pred and Beranie, enjoy!

Hello everybody!

Are you having fun playing Fallout 4? I know I am, especially with my melee character. When you go “melee-only” right from the get-go it can be a little frustrating seeing the huge variety of guns and their modifications while being stuck with a simple tire iron or baseball bat for the first couple of hours of gameplay.

If you follow the directions in this video you will have something fun to play with right from the start: Grognak’s Axe which causes bleed, stagger and gives extra melee damage and in the same place you will find Grognak’s costume, which isn’t the prettiest but gives you +2 Strength and extra melee damage! With those to items you will turn the wasteland in to a slaughterhouse 😛