About Sunesha

I love making all kinds of videos about games. My favorite games are stealth, open world, strategy, simulation and role-playing games. I like doing walkthroughs, let’s plays and everything between that. I do what I find is fun and stimulating.

I really like to challenge myself, so I mostly play games on higher difficulty settings. Shooters are probably my least favorite game genre. So don’t expect to see many videos in that genre.

I was born in 1979 so I have gone from Pacman, NES gaming. Today I mostly play on a Xbox 360,Xbox One and sometimes some PC.

I upload videos daily. My uploads are mostly motivated what I think is fun to play. I am a completionist at heart so you can expect me to finish all the games I broadcast here. I don’t like to do games at release for simple reason I want people to watch me not because it is new but they enjoy my content.

I started this channel: 12th February 2015

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