YouTube Upload Schedule, 3rd July to 16th July

Kerbals are sending satellites to other space without finding another race. War is difficult place to survive as as civilian, but never fear Sunesha is here with walkthroughs. This War of Mine a new walkthrough serie.

This week’s schedule

Monday: Kerbal Space Program,  This War of Mine
Tuesday: This War of Mine
Wednesday:   Kerbal Space Program ,  This War of Mine
Thursday:  This War of Mine
Friday:  Kerbal Space Program ,  This War of Mine
Saturday: This War of Mine
Sunday: This War of Mine

This War of Mine, Walkthrough

walkthrough for the survival game, which are civilians fighting for survival. In this guide we are playing the whole game playing as Marko, Pavle and Bruno. There will be tough choices to make. I am aiming not to resort to violence or theft as long we don’t have any other options.

 Playlist for This War of Mine Walkthrough