YouTube Upload Schedule, 13th Febuary to 6th March

I am going to my home in Cyprus, so I will not upload many videos as my internet is way to crappy. I will use this small break to work on Aragami and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. I will also try to knock off some Metal Gear Solid 5, Side Missions.

Afterwards we go back to similar schedule as used up until now.


YouTube Upload Schedule, 8th to 12th Febuary

Let me just say sorry, I forgot to publish my schedule.

This week’s preliminary schedule. Will release Aragami episodes randomly with one scheduled on Thursday.

This week’s schedule

Wednesday: XCOM 2 Season 4 modded
Thursday: Aragami
Friday: Metal Gear Solid 5, Main mission 
Saturday: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Sunday: Velvet Assassin or Shadwen