YouTube Upload Schedule, 29th to 6th March

This week’s preliminary schedule. Yeah even more XCOM…

Monday: XCOM 2
Tuesday: XCOM 2
Wednesday: Mirror’s Edge & XCOM 2
Thursday: XCOM 2
Friday: XCOM 2
Saturday: Clandestine(CoOp with Beranie) & XCOM 2
Sunday: XCOM 2


XCOM 2, A let’s play with viewer soldiers on Commander Ironman difficulty

A playthrough in the Let’s play format with my viewers as my soldiers. At the current time this is written we have 4 viewer soldiers. This is an interesting series as it becomes a very personal experience with my viewers integrated in the series. I am playing the game blind and depends on the help of my viewers all so it will become an even more shared experience.

If you are coming from wild web, feel free to sign up and join.

Playlist for XCOM 2