Plans for 2016 – Sunesha Subscriber Sunday

I want share my plans for the year of 2016 for my YouTube Channel. So in short summary I will tell what series I will be working on 2016. I think this will be a most interesting year. This is of course a preliminary one, nothing written in stone.

Thief series

A series that will cover all the Thief games. So we can walk down stealth game history and see how stealth has developed as a genre and I think there is no better example than Thief. I will try to finish this before 2017.

  • Thief Gold (The Dark Project) – 13 missions
  • Thief, Metal Age -15 missions
  • Thief, Deadly Shadows -15 missions
  • Thief (Reboot) -18 missions

Total: 61 missions

Fallout 4 – Let’s build a settlement

We will continue to build Starlight city over the year with at least something new once a week. Until I get bored or I think vision is finished.

The Witcher 3 Monster Strategy guides

This series will be not updated regularly as the workload is high and I want make guides when I am mood of doing so. But my ambition  is that in its finished state will cover all enemies and bosses of Witcher 3. It is a big task and it will take a long time to finish.

Dark Souls Sunday

I will replace Dark Souls with Hitman: Codename 47 when it is completed, which will also have the same heavy edited and condensed experience.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Will do a walkthrough of this later this year to complete the walkthroughs for all Hitman games

Clandestine – A COOP project with Beranie

I will do COOP project of this game with Beranie, release schedule and approach will be detailed later when more information is available

Short Series

Will feature games in less than 10 minutes long episodes released on weekdays will replace the most meat and bone of the traditional let’s play coverage on my channel.



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