Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, sneaky skull bashing

I am feeling a bit down, so I need something to distract myself from myself. Well, there is only one valid solution for this dilemma, video game violence.

We will take the role of Sam Fisher, a old navy seal turned into to a highly skilled covert operative. This time around it is personal for Sam, his only child has been killed. So Sam will try to find out what happened to his daughter. He is no longer working for his agency, The Third Echelon. So all those pesky rules he usually follows are not in play and Sam is a angry man. But of course he gets in contact with Grim.

This is how it all begins and this is a stealth action game. Of course the only real viable option in this kind of game is to play on the hardest difficulty, Realistic. Unnecessary exposure to the enemy will be very deadly. The strategy in this game is to plan out your assaults from the shadow effectively. Enemies are in higher numbers on Realistic and plain brute force approach is meant to be a almost guaranteed death.

So our tools are, well planned executions, conquer and divide, distractions and take best advantage of levels. This will be in a Let’s play format, but will be able to be used as a walkthrough. I have played this game many times and this is first time I play it on PC.

Playlist for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction


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