Fallout 4, a let’s play playing as agent 47

This  a new let’s play series, where put myself in 47’s shoes if he turned up Fallout 4’s world. It is weird and it supposed to be weird, that’s why it is fun. So the twist is WTF would 47 do. This idea came to me quite easy as Hitman series is one most popular series on my YouTube channel. As one of limitations of 47’s sociopathic ways is that only compatible companion will be Dogmeat. 47 don’t have friends, he has targets.

Also this will not be full playthrough. I will concentrate on doing side-quests. So will not show off the main quests. I have a suspicion that there will be a lot of funny sidequests. So check out the first episode, it is a standard sidequest. So great warm-up.

Play list for Fallout 4 sidequest let’s play


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