YouTube Upload Schedule, 9th to 15th November

This week’s preliminary upload schedule. This week will be a exciting week, much will depend on my on my progress in Dishonored. I will start playing Hitman Codename 47, the first Hitman game and all thanks to Sucky Gamers

Also depending on logistics of europe, I will start a Fallout 4 Let’s play, this series will have a little unorthodox approach. I will only play fun side-quests, as every man and woman will do a Fallout 4 series. So I will make one that doesn’t spoil the main story for people. We will also of course use my newly made role-playing alter ego, “Trucker Joe” as our adventurer. Trucker Joe will be able to have post-apocalyptic nightmare as he already in the weird Dark Souls world. All thanks to my dear friends at Pred and Beranie.

I will be back on the alternating schedule between different games. Next week after, I will probably go for one game more than the others.

On the weekend a Hitman: Blood Money, remote controlled will also be released.

Monday:  Dishonored: Definitive Edition
Tuesday:  Dishonored: Definitive Edition
Wednesday:  The Witcher 3 Monster Strategy Guide
Thursday:   Depends on progress in  Dishonored 
Friday:   Depends on progress in  Dishonored 
Saturday:   If I have time
Sunday: Dark Souls Sunday


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