How get a good start as Melee only build in Fallout 4

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Today we have guest post from Pred from Pred and Beranie, enjoy!

Hello everybody!

Are you having fun playing Fallout 4? I know I am, especially with my melee character. When you go “melee-only” right from the get-go it can be a little frustrating seeing the huge variety of guns and their modifications while being stuck with a simple tire iron or baseball bat for the first couple of hours of gameplay.

If you follow the directions in this video you will have something fun to play with right from the start: Grognak’s Axe which causes bleed, stagger and gives extra melee damage and in the same place you will find Grognak’s costume, which isn’t the prettiest but gives you +2 Strength and extra melee damage! With those to items you will turn the wasteland in to a slaughterhouse 😛

YouTube Upload Schedule, 30th November to 6th Decemeber

This week preliminary schedule. This week I kinda stuck in settlement building in Fallout 4, so I probably not even play Lords of the Fallen. Starlight city is growing…

Also I will in the future release less videos but the videos that will be released will be worked on a lot more.

On the weekend a Hitman: Blood Money, remote controlled will also be released.

Tuesday:  Fallout 4, Let’s build a settlement
Wednesday:  The Witcher 3 Monster Strategy Guide
Saturday:  Fallout 4, Let’s build a settlement
Sunday: Dark Souls Sunday

Lords of the Fallen, a new Let’s Play blind series.

I started a new series where I play blind with no earlier experience of the game Lords of the Fallen. I already uploaded a couple of episodes. So far this game seems promising.

I am playing as a Rogue, which I have read it is hardest class to play. Which usually is not the cases in most games. There are many similarities of the souls games. Even the controls are more or less the same, so the learning curve is not to tough. Though there are many things that are different. I don’t agree with consensus that it is a pure Dark Souls clone. They are similar but very different. Lords of Fallen is much more simplistic when it comes to gameplay mechanics and more forgiving. Fights are much slower.

Playlist for Lords of the Fallen, a blind playthrough

Fallout 4, Let’s build a settlement at Silverlight Drive In

My new best best friend

My new best best friend

I decided after thinking about  it for quite while, that Fallout 4 doesn’t really allow characters like 47 . So I have decided scrap that series.

Instead I will do a let’s build a settlement playthrough, we will use the huge area of Silverlight Drive in to build a city that will hopefully rival Diamond City. This will be a heavy edited serie, where we spend all time building and making progress on our great settlement.

I created a new character with the name Ying, she is a bit worse for wear. This will not however stop her dream to big biggest city and be the mayor of Silverlight.

Play list for Fallout 4, Let’s build a settlement

Increase the maximum amount of structures that can built per settlement in Fallout 4

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Still works in version

I figured out a way around the limitation off your settlement size without using mods. There is a maximum amount of structures that can be created per settlement. But there is a bug, if you drop a weapon on the ground and open up the settlement creator(workshop) you can “store it”. In my own testing it has only worked when I used weapons, but if you find other types of loot work. Please comment so I can update this small guide.

When you do this, the game will believe that you have erased a structure and make room for even more structures. I would consider this a bug, so I can not guarantee that Bethesda will patch this. So I can not guarantee how long time this will work. So don’t tell them 😉

Step by Step

  1. Drop a weapon/s on the ground
  2. Open the settlement creator(workshop)
  3. Highlight the weapon
  4. Use the store option
  5. In case you want even more, goto the physical workshop(Red machine like thing)
  6. Go into the menu, retrieve your weapon/s
  7. Go back step 1 and repeat as many times you wish

YouTube Upload Schedule, 23rd to 29th November

This week’s preliminary schedule. I will throw in some The marvellous Miss Take this week if I get some extra time. Otherwise there will be a focus of my new series of Lords of the Fallen

On the weekend a Hitman: Blood Money, remote controlled will also be released.

Monday:  Lords of the Fallen
Tuesday:  Lords of the Fallen
Wednesday:  The Witcher 3 Monster Strategy Guide
Thursday:   Fallout 4
Friday:     Lords of the Fallen
Saturday:  Lords of the Fallen
Sunday: Dark Souls

Things to know about using Power Armor on your followers in Fallout 4

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My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has made a short video going over things that is useful to know about followers when they are using the power armor. A cool thing is that when your followers use the power armor they are not spending any energy on the fusion cores, to find out more check the video.

Fallout 4, Build an Adhesive Farm to get Unlimited Supply of Adhesives for Crafting

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Tired of treating duct tape as it was epic loot, just about every weapon mod and other stuff need adhesive in Fallout 4. My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has the solution, so never fear.

Pred show how us how you can build farm that will make it available in endless supply.


A early location for Syringer & Combat Rifle in Fallout 4

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My dear friends at Pred and Beranie has found a place for getting a Syringer Rifle and Combat rifle early in the game. It is located over at Great Mass Blood Clinic.

You can craft the syringes at the chemistry station pretty early but the rifle can be hard to find especially early on.