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This is a monster guide for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Death March difficulty for fighting wolves. The wolf is not the most dangerous foe when fighting them individually, though when fighting as group it can turn into a real challenge as wolves fight as team. In my guide I go through all of the wolves’s attack patterns, how to avoid getting hit and helpful strategies to beat them.

I will go over the strategies in this article for those that prefer to read stuff than using visual aids.

Strategies for beating the wolf

I will outline some of the strategies how to beat the wolf. If you want to see it in action, check out video in this article.

  • Wolves will try to surround you and they attacks as team. So keep moving around so they don’t surround you. Their attacks are fast. They can make short work of you if they manage surround you
  • AARD can be used to stun the wolves, which will give you a small time to escape or attack
  • A good strategy to have easier time to handle a wolf pack. Dance around them until you have every wolf in a bunch. Then blast them with the witcher sign IGNI. You now hurt the whole pack and they are stunned for small moment. Attack them and then evade them and do it over again

Beast Oil

Wolf’s attacks

The wolf only has one main attack, I will outline how it work.

Bite attack

Wolves has only one main attack, a bite attack. This attack is telegraphed with the wolf make a snarl. So when wolf snarl, dodge or roll to avoid get hit.

Coordinated attack

Wolves coordinate their attacks, they will do their best to surround you and attack you from all directions. To avoid this you must keep moving so they don’t trap you, because then will do short work of you.


Wolf Pelt, White Wolf Pelt, Wolf Liver, Dog Tallow, Raw Meat

Bestiary Information

Class: Beast
Source: Witcher Wikia

“Friend of mine used to say that with all these Griffins and Basilisk and whatnot, good old fashioned wolves weren’t nothing to worry about… Then the damned beasts devoured half of his flock.”
—Yngvar, Shepherd



There was once a time when the wolves ruled the forests absolutely and adults used tales of them to frighten little children, though deep down they themselves trembled at the sound of a wolf’s howl. Post-Conjunction monsters didn’t just push the wolves into the deepest wilds, they also took the place within the nightmares of adults and children alike. However, this does not mean that the wolves have ceased to be a danger, to the contrary, despite having no magical blood within them, with no extraordinary abilities, that in no way stops them from killing any unwary traveller or hunter.

Particularly dangerous are wargs, a nasty and ferocious subspecies of wolf, and the snow-white wolves, which can only be found in the wild highlands of the Skellige archipelago.

Wolves generally roam and feed in packs that range from a handful to over a dozen members, though sometimes alpha males will hunt alone. Wolves make up for their lack of strength over Post-Conjunction monsters with their high intelligence. When fighting a pack of wolves, one must be careful not to become surrounded. The presence of wolves may also signal more dangerous trouble, as these predators often share their hunting grounds with Werewolves andLeshens.

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