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This is a monster guide for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Death March difficulty for fighting the ghouls. The ghoul is not the most dangerous foe when fighting them individually, though when fighting as group it can turn into a real challenge. In my guide I go through all of the ghoul’s attack patterns, how to avoid getting hit and helpful strategies to beat him.

I will go over the strategies in this article for those that prefer to read stuff than using visual aids.

Strategies for beating the Ghoul

I will outline some of the strategies how to beat the Ghoul. If you want to see it in action, check out video in this article.

  • A key strategy to make a fight with group of ghouls easier is to keep moving around  until some ghoul get separated. When this happen circle the ghoul and try to kill it. Do small attacks now and then, but keep dancing around.
  • YRDEN will slow down the ghouls and will be helpful to slow them down
  • If a ghoul is low on health and start snarling loudly, this is a sign that ghoul become enraged. Make this ghoul your priority to kill as otherwise it will regenerate most of its health. When enraged the ghoul’s behavior get more aggressive.
  • Don’t spam your attacks, the ghoul is able to counter attack.
  • AARD can be helpful, but rather spend your stamin on QUEN as a insurance
  • Alghouls can be found in command of higher level packs of ghouls and graveirs.

Necrophage Oil

Ghoul’s attacks

The ghoul has a couple of different attacks, I will outline how they work.

Lunge attack

Ghouls does this attack when you gained some distance to him. They can lunge over quite long distances. You can observe their feet to time your dodge and rolls. This can however be a bit tricky and will take some experience to get used too.

Swipe attack

Ghouls will take swipes at you when you are near them. This can also be avoided by observing their feet. This will take some time get used to as it is just a small window to dodge or roll.


When a ghoul gets low on health, there is good chance they become enraged. They will start flashing red. In this state they become more aggressive and they will start regenerate their own health


Ghoul Blood, Venom Extract

Bestiary Information

Class: Necrophage
Source: Witcher Wikia

“Ghouls creep and crawl at night, Eating everything in sight, In a snap they’d eat you, too, Chop you up for a ghoulish stew!”

—Children’s rhyme



Ghouls and graveirs are hard to describe. In part, they resemble humans—yet on the whole, they are the utter negation of all that is human. Though they have arms and legs like men, they walk on all fours like dogs or badgers. Though they have eerily familiar faces, one searches them in vain for any sign of sentiment, reason or even a spark of consciousness. They are driven by one thing and one thing only: an insatiable craving for human flesh.

Ghouls and their more dangerous cousins, graveirs, usually feed in small groups, at times led by an alghoul. Since they delight most in the taste of fresh carcasses, they appear wherever newly-dug graves are to be found: cemeteries, crypts, catacombs and battlefields. Whenever the opportunity arises they hunt the living as well, especially when they have strength in numbers.

In a one-on-one fight with a trained witcher, a ghoul poses little threat, but one must remember that wounded individuals can erupt in a mad frenzy. At such times they attack fiercely, paying no heed to their own safety and brushing off all wounds. One must likewise bear in mind that ghouls and graveirs are particular dangerous around dusk and at night.

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