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This is a monster guide for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Death March difficulty for the Bear. The bear does a lot damage, but they are fairly slow, so it will not be a too tough fight. In my guide I go through all of the bear’s attack patterns, how to avoid getting hit and helpful strategies to beat him.

I will go over the strategies in this article for those that prefer to read stuff than using visual aids.

Strategies for beating the Bear

I will outline some of the strategies how to beat the Bear. If you want to see it in action, check out video in this article.

  • An easy strategy is to just lock on to the bear. Dodge, fast attack and repeat. The bear is slow so he will have a very hard time to keep up with you.
  • The IGNI witcher sign is excellent against the bear. If the bear catches fire, he will be stunned and easy opponent to rain attacks without fear of repercussion.
  • You can use the witcher sign YRDEN and it will slow down bear.
  • To avoid being swiped by the bear, just keep circling him as he usually does this attack when you are directly in front of the bear. Though  be ready to dodge when the bear swings his head as this is a warning that the bear will try to bite you.
  • If you take to much damage, run away. Bear are very territorial so he run back to his original position. This leaves you good time to heal up.
  • If you gain distance to bear, he will try to lunge at you. He telegraphs this attack by raising his front paws. A side or backward roll will get you out of the danger.

Beast Oil, Quen, Igni, Yrden

Bear’s attacks

The bear has a couple of different attacks, I will outline how to avoid and counter them.

Lunge attack

The Bear raises both of his front paws and then lunge at you. He does this attack when you gained some distance to him. This attack is very powerful, it will knock you back and stun you. You can avoid it by backwards or side roll when his front paws raising, it is time to roll.

Swipe attack

The bear does this attack almost exclusive while you are right in front him. It can be avoided with a dodge or roll but is very hard to do. It can avoided by not staying too close to him in front of him.

Bite attack

This is his main attack when you are flanking him. He will try to reach you and bite you. This can be avoided with dodge or roll by rolling when he starts to swing his head.


Bear Fat, Bear Pelt, White Bear Pelt, Raw Meat

Bestiary Information

Class: Beast
Source: Witcher Wikia

“Know that ditty about the bear ‘climbing the mountain, to see what he could see?’ Biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard. When a bear climbs a mountain, it’s not to see. It’s to hunt/ To kill.”

—Jahne Oldak, Royal Huntsman



Bears are omnivores – this means that they will eat anything from vegetation, to other wild animals and even humans. Generally when they go after humans for a meal, they prefer to go after travellers who have unknowingly wandered into the bear’s territory, or brave hunters that have decided to go after the bear.

There are a bunch of bear subspecies, this includes black, polar, brown and cave as well as a much more rare species the Berserker. Each type differs in everything from colouring to size and strength, but they all share one trait which is an incredible ability to kill.

Bears are generally found far from human habitation, either in the high mountains or in the deep woods. Opposite of dogs and wolves, bears are solitary creatures, which is probably for the best considering how strong a killing machine they are. It is simple enough a thing to avoid fighting a bear, but that is not always the case. A bear may be clumsy but they run at high speeds despite their bulky sizes, so running away may not always be an option, especially if you have already angered the bear.

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