Hitman Blood Money a remote controlled playthrough

I have started a project with Beranie from the Pred and Beranie LP YouTube Channel. It is a fun concept. I live in Cyprus and Beranie lives in Germany. We are playing Hitman Blood Money together. So how do we do that ?

We use Skype and Beranie shows his desktop so I see everything he does on his computer. This works very good, sure my FPS is sometimes very low. A Stealth game like Hitman is not that demanding in terms of being fast. Is more about controlling movement and anticipate the enemy.

What works so well is that really feels like we play together. We share the whole game experience expect we don’t share a room. 

What is so fun with this playthrough is that Beranie is quite new on the whole stealth genre. Myself has spent, if I had to guess that I spend about 20-30 % of all my gaming time in Stealth games. So it is fun as I give Beranie a chance to show what it is so satisfying in stealth, to execute a plan for level and let events unfold themselves. Most people I would guess doesn’t really know how to approach this genre.

To be a successful stealth gamer

A successful stealth gamer is not about have twitch reflexes and kill the enemy before they kill you. I would say is more a mix of puzzle and strategy than a shooter. Thou I think most people approach the stealth genre as a shooter. To killing all people is counterproductive and each time you kill someone you actually expose yourself which in turn make it even harder.

I would say strategy is key and concentrate on your objectives, your enemies are obstacles not targets. It is easier to go around a obstacle rather than take the time to kill them and then have deal with all those problems that create. When you kill someone in a stealth game many things go wrong. First you exposed yourself, later you need hide the body. If the body is found, this will turn your passive enemies to very active ones, that now knows you are there and will actively try to find you. If you are even unluckier they will sound a alarm and they now call for reinforcements. You now have to deal with even more enemies that know you are around and actively searching for you. This will likely kill you or you have to hide and wait until they calm down. All this could be avoided by just maybe observing you enemy for 10 seconds and wait until chance to just slip past him. Just by slipping past them you have kept your advantage and doesn’t have to be in a world of hurt.

So what I am saying it is fun to show someone and maybe have chance to introduce the stealth genre for novice and they have chance to experience the game as we stealth fans experience a stealth game. Most people just experience a shooter where enemies is actually try to kill you and not trying to kill themselves. Stealth games are often designed that try to have shootout with more 3 enemies will almost always result of your death.

That is thing with stealth. You are supposed avoid your enemy not to confront them. When you get into to firefight, you have lost your greatest advantage and that is the enemy doesn’t know you exist. When that advantage is lost, they will kill you and they wont like shooters line up and take a number of who wants to die first. This is not a shooter where enemy cant hit the side of a building or bum rush you so you have easy time shoot them down.


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