Youtube Video Editor: Cutting Out a Midsection of your Video

This is can be a real saver, ever been situation where you want cut out a blooper, loading screen, black screen or just something else in your YouTube video. But you don’t want to because remove your old video and upload a new one, that would lose all views and comments. The cool thing you can actually cut away parts in your video with the YouTube video editor without have upload a new one. I used as messed up the in and out points in my export and added 1 minute of nothing at the end of the video.

You can actually cut things, remove and do quite much in the YouTube video. Though you can not add new stuff, but trim away and cut if you want. A dear friend at the Pred&Beranies YouTube channel has made a video showing you how to cut in middle of a video, it is video in this article if you had figured out already.


2 thoughts on “Youtube Video Editor: Cutting Out a Midsection of your Video

  1. Thank you for the feature! You can actually add stuff in the youtube editor. My Jordan NBA video consisted of about 6 smaller videos that I brought together in the youtube editor. The problem is that it will create a new video and if the old video already had views and comments they will be gone. Overall I think the youtube editor must be on the bottom of the development list because it is still clunky and not intuitive at all lol.

    I enjoy your blog posts. Do you accept guest submissions? 😀


    • They really should put some time and money into it. As not all people has access to editing software.

      Of course I accept guest posts. Especially from you guys =)

      Will take that discussion off the site 🙂


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