The gaming platform wars started 30 years ago

Commodore 64

Commodore 64, 8 bit with 16 colors

I thought long and hard about even posting this. As it is quite a useless attempt to make people actually open their eyes. The platform wars has always been sad part of the gaming community.

I belong to one of those older gamers that has been gamer for over 30 years. So in my time I encountered the many brands to go under and come to birth. Also in my time have heard a countless times from people that a platform is doomed. Often this is not backed with more than undeserved and misdirected loyalty to a brand.

I think it is human nature to pick up a flag and wave it around and start drawing invisible lines. It is one those times we could see our similarities instead of their differences. In the end we all play games and sometimes we even play the same games. But instead of banding together and talk about the game. We talk about how much better it runs on your own system.

Nintendo 8 Bit

Nintendo 8 Bit, 48 colors and 6 grays, could use 25 simultaneous colors

The platform wars in my life did not start until the Commodore 64 arrived. In those days, we did not speak of FPS or resolution. It was all about how many colors a system had. I was the odd one, as true born PC gamer. As system most people thought never would be a part of gaming system.

All people thought it was last nail in the coffin for the other platforms when the Nintendo 8 bit arrived in Sweden. The amount colors and new type of controller that was not a joystick. We kids drew new lines in the sands and argued which system was greatest for gaming. I had a Nintendo but just to be a troll I backed my PC harder as gaming platform just get the other kids riled up.My arguments are the same argument PC gamers today tout the horn with..PC was even back then a highly modular system. But the difference was that it costed 6-8 times more.

Then Commodore the great computer gaming system changed the platform wars and everything was up side down again. Atari was also a system but was more expensive than the Commodore system. This was machine people used for graphic work, those ones that could not afford a expensive Apple System.

Amiga 500

Amiga 500, 4096 colors, 320×200 (up to 32 colors) to 640×200 (up to 16 colors)

So now in to gaming platforms wars came Amiga 500. The amount of colors was mind-blowing. I had a friend that tried to convince us other kids that the Amiga 500 was used for special effects in the Terminator movie. Which we other kids without internet could not prove him wrong(Internet did not yet exist for general public). Just like today, people came up with lies to defend their platform and loyalty to their brands are even stronger then some kids.

Most people should be grown up by now, but we still have minority of adults that is outspoken that will come up with wishes and lies to defend their brand in the battle of gaming platforms. I could go on take every change in the gaming world and how that has changed the platform wars.

So why was this trip down the memory lane made ?

If you take Commodore, Nintendo, Sega and IBM PC, replace those brands with PC, Playstation, Xbone and NIntendo.  We have same arguments. If we take bits and colors and exchange it to FPS and Resolution.

Well that just prove that we gamers have not changed for 30 years. We still argue about specs and brands. Which is kinda sad in the end. I am excused, I was a kid when I argued with people, if you are so called grown up.

Whats your excuse ?


3 thoughts on “The gaming platform wars started 30 years ago

  1. It happens in every part of life, not just gaming. Look at phones: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone. Look at operating systems: Windows, OSX, Linux. Cars in the US: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge. Politics: Republican, Democrat. It’s just a natural part of life. We as consumers are buying items to do similar things and thus we try to convince everyone else that the brand or option we chose is inherently better than the others. I have a feeling it’s just so we can make ourselves feel better about our own choices. If our choice is the best, then we did good.

    The hierarchy should be something like GAMERS -> PC,PS,XBOX. Instead we all look at it like PC GAMERS, PS GAMERS, XBOX GAMERS. We are all gamers first and foremost. There’s no need to go against each other.

    But I’m guilty of it too now and then. It’s hard not to, even if we know it’s wrong.


    • I admit, myself is guilty to same thing =) I guess it is our weird way of express our need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. After all we have drawn so many invisible lines.

      We as consumers are not a very smart group. I buy into the things also, marketing is effective. Otherwise the companies would not spend so much money on it. It just make me sad, which internet seem to multiply people’s stupidity and people feel safe to be as-holes just because they don’t have to backup their own opinion by beeing a real person.

      Also I tend to things a bit further with my posts, just trigger thought and responses. Trolling light =)


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