My first impressions of YouTube Gaming

YouTube has learned me, that is only the popular people that are important.
-Sunesha 2015

YouTube has launched a new platform called, YouTube Gaming. This more or less a new interface for YouTube, which only shows you gaming content. I believe it is their response for losing against Amazon when they tried to buy Twitch. For those not initiated in the gaming sites, Twitch is a site where it main focus is streaming(live gaming).

A site myself have not utilized as I never streamed any game-play. I have thought about it for a while. But I feel I will not do any streams until I have a bigger viewer base. As nobody will watch me is my suspicion. I like streaming as concept, to be direct contact with viewers so they can be directly involved with my game-play

Now that we gotten some background to the reasons why probably a gaming-related YouTube has come into spotlight. I will share my first impressions.

I think it is great that we now have a site for just gaming-related content on YouTube. What I don’t like it is so streamlined and seem to push the biggest content creators. Directly when you arrive they serve up a list of channels that have the biggest amount of subscribers. Which I can understand, they after all generate the most amount of money for YouTube.

You are given a option to import your subscribed channels from YouTube, which works so-so. It seems to be that smaller channels just doesn’t appear that easy. On the right of the screen you are given 10 channels in view. Then the top-list of featured channels after how many subscribers they have. So they are showing you 10 channels you are subscribed to. The order of ten subscribed channels that shows up is not by their latest update and are sorted in a unknown way. Normal YouTube used to have a group function, where you could group channels together. They took this away and now feature them in unknown order.

So that made me pissed, I like to sort stuff myself. I don’t want some unknown algorithm sort stuff for me. I am more than capable to sort stuff to my own liking. If gonna spout some conspiracy theories, I believe that YouTube want you to watch as many videos as possible. Because this generate the most amount of ad clicks. So the group function made people to effective to just watch they wanted and not click on random videos in a greater frequency. So we get “smart” functions that shall do our sorting and thinking for us. In the end, I don’t think it benefit the viewers.

So let’s get back to the one-sided discussion by me and talk more about YouTube gaming. It is designed in a way to push the most popular content and content makers. So it will be harder for smaller channels, like me to get any kind of exposure. For smaller channel, I think you benefit of doing YouTube streaming in hope you will attract a lot of viewers.

So my conclusion of YouTube gaming, it has not made it easier for smaller content makers. Rather the opposite, it is even harder than the old YouTube to even show up in your viewers lists. A example my dear friend, Jesse Underdog released a video just 30 minutes ago. His video does not show up in my frontpage of “My Channels”. Even that he is featured of my top 10 quicklinks on the right of my screen.

So what does show up ?

My big channels show up there. I have list going back 24 hours, what that frontpage of “My Channels” has in common is that it only feature videos from content makers with more than 10k subs.

So yes, I am pissed. I just wished more than 2 people would read this. So I will not have any impact with my opinions. Just like YouTube has learned me, that is only the popular people that are important.

If you want help out. Blog, do a video or just share this post. I hope this will be brought up to everyone attention. I hope smaller channels will give a fighting chance. At least have them fucking featured in your own “My channels” content.


6 thoughts on “My first impressions of YouTube Gaming

  1. Why the fuck are they again forcing me to watch German Youtube Content? 50% of all search results I get are German again because of my IP. Why is that? The gaming community has always been international. It should be the norm that everything is in english. If I want content in a specific language I’m a special snowflake and have to look for it or flip a switch whatever.

    Tell me how ridiculous it is that I can’t watch (the holy new twitch stomping feature) streams because they are blocked preventively because of copyright issues? I don’t even know if that is a German only thing or if its everybody outside UK/USA. I cannot watch any stream…

    In my opinion categorizing into the specific games is a great idea. Especially because it is by default on the “Explore” tab where people with low views are featured too. I don’t know if the results are random though or if there is some kind of algorithm. I also like the letsplay tab because it takes away the clusterfuck of the top 20 search results being single videos of popular letsplayers instead of showing the actual top 20 letsplays of a certain game. BUT it is sooooooooo clunky. Everybody is gonna use the search bar like they have been using it with youtube for years. Which will result in, as you wrote, the most popular videos being on top in the general search and in the times of 0 attention span, people will click on a video from the initial search without selecting a game first, than looking through the explore tab or the lets play tab. Why is there actually only a letsplay and review tab? Where is the guide/walkthrough tab? Where is the machinima tab? People like Jesse are going to get shafted twice as much because there are not doing letsplays, not doing reviews and are not popular. This is the first load of shit that I have to say about this topic. I’ll probably return later and write more….

    BTW How dumb is the position of the comment/description? Nobody will use them anymore.

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    • I have to check it out, I just think the the whole GUI is more for looking cool than being useful. It will take me some time to get into it. Fucking sucks if they take safe route on copyright. In the end it is content creator that has to take the blaim. But blocking people because it is safe is just plainly retarded. LOL, at least in Cyprus they don’t know so much about copyright. But I think in the name copyright many wrongs have been done.

      I blaim phones and tablets, every GUI is so damn streamlined and simple. This is good for most us. But right now I think Gaming Youtube is just fucking toplist and contest for big YouTubers.

      My guess is this gaming YouTube is more a invention of marketing people. If they can categorize games, they can sell targeted ads. In the end it is ads what fuel the whole YouTube engine. I just wished they would be smart enough to actually speak with gaming YouTubers also the small ones. I feel they just cater to the big ones.

      I wish they would reach out to smaller channels, those under 5k and ask what they want. My guess they have just asked like top channels. I think its plain bizarre that can scroll through top list of channels endlessy but can not see more than 10 of the channel I choose to follow. It is plain click baiting. Click on top youtubers where money and ad sells are.

      Fuck it makes me so pissed.

      I guess YouTube is still a bit baffled by the popularity of gaming videos. I see that they still want shoe iron us in their system. But as you say machina and walktroughs and many other genres of gaming videos are just outside their system.


  2. If you streamed I would watch you! I can also help you grow in all areas if that’s what you really want. As for YouTube, it can be difficult to grow an audience and that’s why you must be different from everyone else and hit every social network, blog, stream and video based content to get yourself out there, its not easy work but can be done.

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    • Thanks =)

      I am probably try out streaming some time. Though have no idea to make content in that format =)

      I never really thought would be easy to build a big audience. Everyone and their grand mother is doing video content for games.

      I kinda more into this for fun of it.


      • Like I said I can help/teach you. The audience builds over time, that’s why you play games you love, so everyday when you stream it doesn’t matter how many viewers you have because you are having fun either way. As for video content, everyone is different and everyone is going to like someone, all you need is 1000 true fans to make a living off it then your set, do this for a year or 2 and you have a audience.


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