Deus Ex: Human Revolution playthrough evaluation

Adam Jensen chilling

Adam Jensen chilling

Introduction video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The last videos of Deus Ex: Human revolution went up today. So it is time for another evaluation of the playthrough. This one of my favorite games, it mixes elements of two favorite genres role-playing and stealth. The game has very fun level progression that often has new abilities as upgrades than just passive bonuses. The upgrades in the game called augmentations. The more you level up Adman Jensen, the more things will he be able to do.

This one of the few  games, where it is actually is fun to back track because you gain new abilities. For example you can upgrade your jumping height, which you then will be able to reach a roof that you could not reach earlier. Many of the augmentations are things that help Adam Jensen in survival or make him move around more freely in the game.

A another cool thing in this game, it allows you finish the game completely non-lethal with exception of bosses. Eidos Montreal made stupid mistake to outsource the boss fights. This has resulted in that they did not include a way to take out the bosses non-lethal. They later released director’s cut version of the game that allowed you finish the bosses in a non-lethal manner. I never bought the director’s cut. As this version for stupid reasons did not allow the game to be installed to your hard-disc. I will never play game having a cd-player running like jet-plane in the background.

Augmentations, one of the cooler ways to handle character progression.

Augmentations, one of the cooler ways to handle character progression.I finished

It took me around 20-25 hours to finish this playthrough and I did tons of exploring. In this playthrough I played it non-lethal manner. To correct myself, as long I was not responsible directly for the deaths.

This was really fun way to play. So I used stealth all the way then used their own security measures against them. The game even it is a bit old, still have many interesting game-play mechanisms that keep the game interesting. I am looking forward to new Deus Ex Mankind divided game. I hope they stay true to this version. As this was my 4th playthrough of the game and it was still fun. This game provided you with tough choices that actually mattered.

Reception on the YouTube Channel

As expected this game at its age did not draw a big crowd of viewers to my channel. I hope that people that find it and are interested in this game will find my playthrough fun and interesting. I played the game with a weird approach. The nice thing that few viewers I had, gave me a lot positive feedback. Will I do this again?

A big yes, I had a lot fun. Even that did not bring many new viewers to my channel it was series I was very content with.

First video in the playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The playthrough consists of 52 videos not including the DLC Missing Link, the episodes are between 15-25 minutes each.


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