Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition playthrough evaluation

Mrs Chu

Mrs. Chu, Sunesha’s favorite character

Introduction video for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Today it is the last episode we plays as Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. So I have decided to do a small playthrough evaluation. This playthrough I had especially fun time as I did this together with my nephew, Marco. Which made this game so much more enjoyable as he is one of the most dedicated fans of series. This is my nephew favorite game of all time for the moment.

My nephew is a avid martial arts fan, so in his case I think it’s the fighting that draws him in. He is 15 years old but have trained different martial arts since he was 5 years old. I would say if you rank hobbies, martial arts comes before gaming(what a nerd).

The graphic was given a small overhaul in Definitive Edition. Not that is area that me and nephew put much stock in. The hilarious bugs in this game are still present. Many of the one Marco already had encountered, so no real bug fixes in this version. In most cases the bugs just made us laugh. It was just once we had reload the game because a bug. But no game-breaking bugs were present in this playthrough.

Marco finish the game ridiculously short time. I would say for more new gamer it would take around 20 hours to finish the main story, probably a lot less if you focus mainly on doing the story missions.

I liked this game, even it has flaws. The story sometimes can be confusing. It can be really hard to follow. But the games has humor, which often jokes about the game itself. I think the game has a lot of cut content as this games was supposed be a sequel to the True Crime series. After Activision gave up on the game sold the rights to Square Enix. So this game was close to death. Which would been very sad story. They repackaged the assets and ripped every True Crime stuff out of it. So the main story has probably suffered a bit from this.

action hijack

Action Hijacks, over the top fun

One thing I like with this game is that they threw realism out of the windows. They made game fun to play instead of having to struggle with a flawed realism that many games ends up sucking the fun out of it. They succeeded to make it feel like to be in the action hero in a real Hong Kong action movie. Things are over top and you do crazy stuff all the time. It is one few games very car chases is a entertaining part of the game play. The collectibles are useful as they are the currency you exchange into new fighting moves. They placed them is such manner that they are easy to find just by playing the games main missions. Me and my nephew picked up all but one in our playthrough without actively going for them. So that is well made level design.

Well the thing I liked the most about the game, is easy to guess. This game takes place in Hong Kong and they really succeeded to made it feel like you are in a big asian city. It is such fresh wind as most games takes place in american cities and when they are not they are in a european city. Asia is such underrepresented location is today’s open world games. The bright lights of Hong Kong with its Karoke madness and pork bums are just a great and fun setting for a game.

Downloadable Content

All downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs are included in the Definitive Edition. There is 3 diffrent story DLC that take place outside the main game.

Nightmare in North Point

This was my personal favorite, it is short DLC which takes about 1-2 hours to complete. You fight special enemies, chinese zombies and demons. Also the story is crazy and executed with humor.

The Year of the Snake

In this DLC, Wei Shen finally take consequences of his actions in main game and are demoted to a street cop. This sounds very cool. But it really is just Wei in a cop uniform. No real new game-play. They introduce a new tear-gas gun that then is useless as the bad guys have gas masks. This is a short DLC with just 1-2 hours gameplay.

The Zodiac Tournament

This a pure fight arena DLC. The cool thing about it is that they introduce new enemies and new fighting moves. That would actually been better to be a part of the main-game. Once again I smell cut-content that surface as a DLC. This is a short DLC with just 1-2 hours gameplay.

Reception on the YouTube Channel

The reception of the series on my channel has been good in my way of measure things. I got few new subscribers. It was more than I thought it would be as this is today a quite old game. Me and Marco had great time when making this series and who knows one day this can be a cornerstone to my channel. The amount of views have not been great, which I never expected it would be. But in short I would do something similar again.

First video in the playthrough of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

The playthrough consists of 48 videos including all DLC and the episodes are between 15-25 minutes each. We do one mission per episode and we finish the episode by doing side stuff or just crazy stuff.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition playthrough evaluation

  1. Oh DUDE! Your favorite DLC. Imagine a souls/from soft game in an asian setting. Maybe with martial arts and other asian martial arts weapons. That would be so awesome! Btw. I can’t believe Marco likes martial arts more than playing. That is a line you should not cross haha. I really really like your blog. The layout/colors is so nice on the eyes and the article was very well written.

    PS. You are handsome and smart DS.


    • A souls game in asian like fantasy setting would be so so cool. I also actually settle for a real historic European setting. There are tons of weird asian melee weapons. Like the ropey thingie with spearhead.If you not count in the 3 million samuarai swords that appear in every game that has a sword in it. They have so many fun weapons. I think they could challenge themselves better. I get it, it easy just motion capture a sword and you reuse it. That is what so fun with Dark Souls, tons of weapons any many of them with their own movesets

      Yeah I am happy with colors. Light but not glaring light =)

      Thanks, am glad enjoyed it. I actually put some real effort of writing it =) Thanks for checking out another of my corners on the interweb 😛


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