Greeting phrases

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sunesha and we are reading my blog. Ok that does works a bit weird in text format. I wanted start up this blog in same manner I start all my videos. After just writing it, I have already come to the conclusion that it does not work very well in text.

This is thing I currently using some of my awesome cpu(clueless processing unit) power to ponder about. I had this greeting phrase for 400 videos. How did that really happen, I must a be a tiny bit insane to done so many YouTube videos when most them just generate 3 views from my friends. This is subject that maybe need some in depth analysis. But for now I will keep blogging about greeting phrases.

So how did I came up with that simple phrase, not even very unique or anything. Back when did my demonstrations of very cool stuff and hardware in audio recording. That’s how I started my demonstration so it just was natural to keep that phrase. I really need new one though.

I tried out “Dear friends and enemies, my name is Sunesha” in my videos. But it did not feel even funny or interesting. So I kinda stuck with phrase that been around since they invented gentle men. Wonder if people said, “Dear men and women”. To be honest I think that probably not what they said. Maybe it was the women that was gentle, who knows we all know that history kinda is full of lies, rewrites and what ever fit your agenda to prove your point is superior to other people. It is like 73,3 % of all statistics is made up on the spot to prove a point.

So how shall I solve this dilemma, so I sound much cooler and doesn’t sound like a grandfather starting a very long dull speak about how he in back day used be so awesome that everyone is still awestruck with his awesomeness. I have always had easy time of using words, I think is side effect that read a lot a books. With that I mean not many books in general sense, I mean like crazy amount of books. My ebook reader tells me that I read 52925 pages this year. So I think that number would prove my statement.

Ok I know you as a reader are thinking right now, what the fuck is all this rambling about. I will try to enlighten you, or shall try to confuse even more. This entry in this blog was supposed be about greeting phrases and I been all over and written about stuff. If you read this far, let me first say “Wow”, wow like in wow, not like wow like in world of warcraft.

This is how the format will work on my blog, kinda like a map over my fleeting thoughts. No sense of direction but still moving forward. I thought by just writing a post about greeting phrases, I would some how come up with new great one. Which did not work at all. Well at least I tried…


2 thoughts on “Greeting phrases

  1. Wow. I am impressed that you have over 400 videos. We had no idea you already had that many. We thought we were behind on watching your stuff before but now….oh my. Oh and I kinda like your “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen” intro. It’s different from what you usually here on letsplay channels and kinda makes you unique. 🙂

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    • I think I keep the phrase. I guess sounds polite and stuff. I did a lot videos with Marco, some off those series are on auto-publish schedule. It is kinda great, if wanted to I could actually just chillout for 3 weeks and there will be at least video per day without me having to do anything =)

      My series is not going anywhere. I have gigantic backlog myself to watch. Work has really taken all my time lately.

      Cheers my friend

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