Dishonored Definitive Edition warm-up

Update: The Dishonored series has started, click this link to watch the first mission

Next week on the night of 27th august, I will do a first ever launch let’s play of the excellent game Dishonored Definitive Edition. You can watch my introduction video for more visual information. I will play the Xbox One version of the game. But there is no “real” difference between versions gameplay wise.

But in short my viewers have voted that it will be High Chaos with condition that all must die without getting spotted. Also I promised my viewer that we will take deep dive into the game’s lore and stories. So we can get know the characters in the game. All viewers is welcome to ask questions and I will address them as soon as I can in next episode. I will release a minimum 3 episodes per week until we have beaten the game.

My let’s play conditions

  • Play on hardest possible difficulty
  • High Chaos playthrough
  • Everyone-must-die-edition (Everyone must be killed)
  • Ghost standard, never get spotted with exception of special NPC
  • Immerse ourselves into the story, I will do research and share it with my viewers

General information of the Definitive Edition

This release is a remastered edition with better graphics and contains all released DLC content. If you have a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 digital version, you can “upgrade” for half price. The original Dishonored has been released for free for premium members of Playstation plus network and Xbox Live gold. So hopefully you picked it while it was free.

Screenshots from Dishonored Definitive Edition

Here are some screenshots released. So far I see a great improvement in graphics department, not that is one the more important department. Also it is kinda hard evaluate this from just from screenshots.


2 thoughts on “Dishonored Definitive Edition warm-up

  1. Me too, I kinda go all in this time. Will really prepare and work hard with this series. Hopefully can be cornerstone of my channel as my Hitman videos has become =)


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